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Karen_Slayer liked 3 days ago
Zachary Dashcore
Creator of Blockzero Labs

Blockzero, Simplified.

What is Blockzero? No really, what is Blockzero?

Yesterday I published an article that should have been released a looong ago.

"Blockzero, Simplified."

Read Article:

[Video Coming Soon]

If you want to do as little reading as possible to... (More)

jorn liked a reply 3 days ago
Zachary Dashcore
Creator of Blockzero Labs

Vortex Yield Optimization | Single vs. Multi-Portal Models | #MentalMining

Would you rather stake XIO and earn 12 tokens at 3% APY each or would you rather stake XIO and earn 1 token at 36%? APY?

The Blockzero Vortex is the core business model and incentive layer for the entire... (More)

jorn replied 4 hours ago

Adjusting the Mental Mining Reward Structure - #XIOfeedback

Active #XIOfeedback on the Forum

As you see I put this discussion on our forum.  For Mental Mining Tasks the forum has always been the best solution in my view.


(The discussion closes Wednesday, June 23)

Alexandru liked a reply 21 hours ago

Proposal: A member of the Project team to apply for the listing of Flash on

Why is there a need for more exchange listings?

Currently Flash is only listed on Uniswap, which is currently not an accessible exchange to acquire tokens. It is not accessible to many users as those who want to buy Flash... (More)