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Monk replied 2 hours ago

Evaluating our new social platform - #XIOfeedback

On April 16th we launched our new social platform (using During the four weeks since then around 650 users have joined the platform (over 500 within the first week). Collectively we have created about 150 discussions with up... (More)

ParamaShiva replied 25 minutes ago
Zachary Dashcore
Creator of Blockzero Labs

Blockzero Ideas Competition: 2000 XIO up for grabs

Let's bring a little fun back into Blockzero!

1) Come up with any unique, quirky, or creative marketing/development idea

2) If it ends up being built/executed on by Blockzero Council, you get 2000 $XIO

Simple as that!


Your idea... (More)

Monk replied 2 hours ago
Bikrant replied 3 hours ago

Project Management

What is the title of the Core role you're looking to create?

Project manager

What is the primary goal of your position? What are you looking to achieve?

I'll take over some of the projects which need management or need... (More)