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Growth (Marketing) Proposal
Growth (Marketing) Proposal

Growth Proposals are marketing focused grants paid in that compensate an individual for bringing awareness, engagement, and users to a project. The person submitting this proposal is expected to clearly outline the gameplan, KPIs, and talent to execute on the proposal. The expected outcome during this phase must be clear and objective.


Looking to make a Growth Proposal? Click the link below, copy the format, and submit a discussion below.

Looking for general feedback before making an official Proposal? Head over to the brainstorming group.

[Marketing] Subsidize gas fees for Flashstaking

Goal: Increase awareness for Flash and help people flash stake.

One of the main reasons why people aren't flashstaking are the high gas fees. What if we paid some of it back?

Currently with 100 Gwei it costs approximately... (More)

[Marketing] Real artist NFT-partnership to promote tokens & Dropzero

Paid NFT partnership with a REAL artist, with decent social following

Partnership would include:

-3 pieces of art for XIO, Flash and Aqua. Rarity could be for example 10 pieces of each NFT.

-Social mention from artist

-Maybe interview on... (More)

[Marketing] referral campaign contest

My idea to increase the number of new users is to do a referral campaign contest both for XIO and FLASH.
New users should do some tasks like follow official account on twitter, like ,retweets tagging friends and something like... (More)

Zachary Dashcore
Creator of Blockzero Labs

Dear Citizens, it's Time to Scale | $25,000 Paid Growth Proposal

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In the first 18 months into our journey of building Blockzero Labs, we have hit some absolutely amazing milestones.