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JB replied a year ago

What are we not on Polygon/Matic?

Every day dozens of projects are moving Eth to Polygon/Matic. Transactions are basically free using their network. Zero exchange just announced that their polygon Bridge is functional and their team would onboard Flash to Polygon for us.

Christos liked a year ago

Evaluating our new social platform - #XIOfeedback

On April 16th we launched our new social platform (using During the four weeks since then around 650 users have joined the platform (over 500 within the first week). Collectively we have created about 150 discussions with up... (More)

Jay replied a year ago

Blockzero growth

Hey Blockzero citizens!

What are your thoughts - how Blockzero should act to grow its user base?

Now we are in a bull market and many of people involved in crypto are looking to fast gains by investing. They have... (More)