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Dropzero let's projects airdrop like it's hot! And makes it super easy for users to claim. 

Pii liked 7 months ago
DropzeroBug Bounty

Blockzero Labs Opens $10,000 Bug Bounty for Dropzero Protocol

For more details, read our Medium blog:

Dropzero by Blockzero Labs is crypto’s first permissionless protocol for one-stop airdrops distribution.

Through Dropzero, any project can upload airdrops with configurable parameters, and eligible users can use the same dapp to... (More)

Dan liked 7 months ago
John Velascocore
Operations + Finance + Strategy

Preview of Dropzero

dropping soon...
dropping soon...
Schalk replied 7 months ago
John Velascocore
Operations + Finance + Strategy

Dropzero - it's coming!

Imagine a dapp where any Ethereum project can airdrop their tokens in seconds, and users can claim them and any other tokens they're eligible for all from the same dapp.

A very exciting and new permissionless protocol built by Blockzero... (More)