What is Blockzero? No really, what is Blockzero?

Yesterday I published an article that should have been released a looong ago.

"Blockzero, Simplified."

Read Article: https://medium.com/bombx/blockzero-simplified-ab8a969cdfeb

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If you want to do as little reading as possible to get the most info as possible, this is for you. Blockzero has been in a constant state of exploration since its launch. The goal of this article is to bring necessary *focus* and structure to the project.

If you read through the following article, you will understand 99% of what you need to know about Blockzero.

While there isn't much new information in the article, there is definitely more focus and structure. This organizational process was important to help us identify the primary value propositions of Blockzero and segment out everything we do. We ended up identifying three primary divisions that have begun to expand over the course of our existence:

  • Blockzero Labs (Think) | Where we Think
  • Blockzero Studio (Create) | Where we Build
  • Blockzero Accelerator (Grow) | Where we Scale