What is the title of the Core role you're looking to create?

Head of Citizen Growth or Community and Growth Manager or Ecosystem Growth Manager


What is the primary goal of your position? What are you looking to achieve?

Spread and increase awareness about Blockzero, increase the number of Citizens and XIO holders, and bring more people to the social platform ( https://home.blockzerolabs.io/ ), engage with them and answer any questions they might have.


How will your role be measured? What are the KPI's of your position?

In the number of citizens' growth, the people that sign up on https://home.blockzerolabs.io/ and my responses there.


How many XIO (valued in USD) are you expecting to receive on a bi-monthly basis



If you expect to earn bonus XIO tokens for hitting certain milestones, please list the quantity and KPI’s below.

1000 XIO if we reach 10,000 citizens (with at least 50% signed up directly through my link)

5000 XIO if we reach 15,000 citizens (with at least 50% signed up directly through my link)


Please share your start and end dates below. Shorter time frames are more likely to be accepted, as you can always resubmit your same role at a later date.

May 2021 - August 2021 depending on the circumstances.


What ETH wallet address will you use to receive the tokens?



Any last thoughts, comments, or questions you have for the Citizens? Share them here. Be as detailed as you would like.

Blockzero is still unknown to the majority of the crypto world and more people are needed to change this. My main goal is to make Blockzero more known to the world, to connect and engage with people and explain to them what Blockzero is and what it does, and in the end, increase the overall activity. This will mainly be done through facebook groups (I personally own 2 crypto groups with thousands of members and I have joined in many others as well), twitter and reddit. I also create my own content and write helpful articles that I can share with people. Finally, I have connections with several crypto projects and I could discuss with them about blockzero and for potential partnerships.

I will actively post and share at least once a day about blockzero and the related projects across social media platforms, mainly facebook, I will engage with people on blockzero’s social platform (https://home.blockzerolabs.io/) and provide support to people that need help or have questions.