I was thinking.. what if we could create  Lottery events using Flash. I do not know how many Flash does Blockzero has, I am unaware of that. Let's say the team can Flashstake for a month , about 200-500 dollars(being the prize) using a big amount of Flash. We could create a Lottery event that will take place every 1-2 months brining more and more people into the community.

I don't know about the Tesla Competition, but i believe that gas fees are a big enemy to us when it comes to Flashstaking , so i wouldn't suggest using it in order to participate in it. What i would suggest is completing some steps,like we had before(follow on pages,join telegram,become a citizen). Also we could add to the lottery rules, that everyone who holds at least 50$ of XIO can participate.

Being consinstent into this will bring a lot more people imo, as people will share it on social media every once in a while (if it is required to participate) thus advertising it for us. Also making lottery events often wont make people come only once and then leave.

Just came up with this idea.Looking forward to hearing from you guys.What do you think?