What is the purpose of your Growth campaign?

Create a serious campaign for BlackZeroLabs and carve it's name into audio history.


How will you measure the success of your Growth campaign? Please provide clear, objective metrics.

Number of views / comments / likes.


What tokens do you need to perform this campaign?



How many of these tokens are you needing to perform your campaign?

That depends on Morgan Freeman's fee / Script writer fee / Video editor fee

How many of these tokens will you keep for yourself as compensation for the campaign?

3000 XIO


How will the tokens be used? Give a breakdown.

Morgan Freeman + Script writer + Video editor + Idea owner


How long will this campaign last? Please provide expected start and end dates.

This depends on the length of the narration / video editing / Release date.


Are there any other individuals working on this campaign with you? If so, who are they and what are their roles?

There are none


What ETH wallet address will you use to receive the tokens?



Any last thoughts, comments, or questions you have for the Citizens? Share them here. Be as detailed as you would like.

While this project can be challenging, It would definitely be something unique and would make a beautiful milestone for this project.