What is the title of the Core role you're looking to create?


Current Operations Outreach


What is the primary goal of your position? What are you looking to achieve?


Improving community awareness of current core lines of effort, timelines, and resources; and allowing BZ leadership to focus on future matters.


How will your role be measured? What are the KPI's of your position?


Measured by: 

  • Attending weekly syncs with BZ core team to ascertain progress, timelines, general updates.
  • Weekly updating of https://blockzerolabs.io/status/
  • This could evolve to include a Q&A once a week where questions related to current operations are funneled through me and then answered the following week and posted on a Medium article for instance.


How many XIO (valued in USD) are you expecting to receive on a bi-monthly basis


This would be dependent on time required for sync attendance, updating progresses and (potentially) further outreach. Initially 200USD in XIO per bi-monthly period would be a rough guess based on 2 hours of core discussions and 2 hours of website maintenance a week. Valuing my contribution at 25USD an hour.


If you expect to earn bonus XIO tokens for hitting certain milestones, please list the quantity and KPI’s below.




Please share your start and end dates below. Shorter time frames are more likely to be accepted, as you can always resubmit your same role at a later date.


24 May - 7 June on a trial basis, with the core council and myself re-evaluating the necessity of the position at the end of the trial.


What ETH wallet address will you use to receive the tokens?




Any last thoughts, comments, or questions you have for the Citizens? Share them here. Be as detailed as you would like.


I know this would add value from my perspective but I appreciate that others might not care for the weekly fidelity that I see the value proposition in. Happy to be told that this isn't needed, just a thought on how to improve BZ transparency and outreach.