On April 16th we launched our new social platform home.blockzerolabs.io (using tribe.so). During the four weeks since then around 650 users have joined the platform (over 500 within the first week). Collectively we have created about 150 discussions with up to 50 new posts daily – giving us enough time and interaction to ask for an evaluation of the platform.  

How well is the platform suited to help us reach our goals as the blockzerolabs community? Here these goals are mainly:

  1. Offer a space to present and discuss proposals to enter our governance process.
  2. Focus discussions on specific topics using our Mental Mind Mining Program with #XIOfeedback.
  3. Enable general communication within the community to build a stronger community.

First internal evaluations showed us that the new platform has certain strengths but is at the same time lacking important functionalities and features we liked about the previously used forum.


Based on your experience with the platform we are now asking for your feedback as citizens.

1. How do you like our new social platform in general?

(How many out of 5 stars would you give?) – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

2. What do you like about it specifically?

Please provide some examples.

3. Are you missing anything?

If yes, what is it you miss and how would this help reach our goals (see above)?


Bonus: Compare it to our previous forum!

If you had also used our forum previously, how do these two compare?

What strengths and weaknesses do you see?


Based on the results of your feedback and our internal evaluation we will decide how to proceed with the current setup of our social platforms.


Earn leaderboard credits by answering to this until May 18th. Please include your XID in your comment.

Earn additional credits by answering to this same topic on our previous forum -> https://forum.blockzerolabs.io/t/evaluating-our-new-social-platform-home-blockzerolabs-io-xiofeedback