Update: 7.6: The liquidity is now only 5,6ETH +5,6eth worth of flash. 

I would like to suggest we do the permanent liquidity at least temporarily. I know it was previously denied but something must be done. 


Update 30.5: The total liquidity on Uniswap is now only 12eth +12eth of flash that is nothing. Please WE HAVE to do something now. 


I would like to open the discussion about flash liquidity again. Something is just not working here.  

Currently if you want to buy 1 Eth worth of flash you get 16674Fash. If you then sell that amount you only get 0,84eth. That is a loss of 0,16 eth = 16% slippage! That means that if you want to be profitable, when you buy flash you need it to go up 16% before you can even break even!

There have been proposals on what to do with liquidity about this made by me: https://home.blockzerolabs.io/post/proposal-let-s-use-flash-foundation-funds-to-create-permanent-liquidity-on---6080689b26dbcd2d686cd4ed

and others: https://home.blockzerolabs.io/post/proposal-matched-liquidity-offering-mlo-60810e491d89a3c8dfbc01d0

One of the main reason why the proposals above have not been accepted is because the core council are discussing how to utilize the Vortex dapp to give liquidity to Flash.  When will this come into action? I think it is clear that we cannot go on like this. This is very bad for the flash token. We need to create at least temporary solution until the Vortex thing gets ready. 

There was a snapshot that incentivizes people to provide liquidity on Uniswap. However it has not been clear to me (and presumably others) whether this has been activated.  And even if it has been activated it is clearly not enough, because the liquidity just hasn't shown up. We need to do more. Firstly we should make people more aware of this and if it is not enough we need to create more incentives. 

Link: https://snapshot.org/#/blockzerolabs.eth/proposal/QmRtjhKYXmebHGXxzjdbo7fj37QhbA9Hbs1BhstA6HVgMo

My suggestion:

  1. If it is true that the Snapshot campaign is running. Can we make a twitter post on our social media to make it clear? Also possibly on telegram (I am not there so I don't know if it has already been said there).
  2. Can we make a post on the flashstake website so that new people can see that there is an incentive to provide liquidity?

Lastly I just wanted to open a discussion abut this. Personally I think this is a huge problem. Even if we do good marketing (which am a huge supporter of) how can we truly convince someone to join us with kind of slippage?