What is the purpose of your Growth campaign?

The purpose of the campaign is to hold a competition in order to show the benefits of the platform to new users. 

Those who carry out new stakes and those who provide liquidity over the three week period of the competition will be entered into a draw to receive a bonus prize in addition to their upfront yield/liquidity fees.

The prize will be the US Dollar value of a Tesla Model 3 ($38,000)

This prize will be generated by “flashstaking a Tesla” with flash tokens held within the foundation funds.

The prize will be swapped into a stable coin so as to retain its value and will be held in a flashtesla.eth wallet for all to see. 

The winner will be drawn using the blockchain, with a txhash from a small stake made after the competition being used to generate a random number for the winning entry.

The winner will be given the above prize of $38,000 and there will be an additional incentive to help towards costs should the winner choose to actually purchase a Tesla with the winnings. Should this happen, a video would be requested of the purchase which will be used as marketing material in the future.

How will you measure the success of your Growth campaign? Please provide clear, objective metrics.

The campaigns success will be measured using a number of metrics such as:

  • Number of additional flash holders added
  • Increase in dapp liquidity
  • Increase in the number of tokens staked

Existing figures will be taken using the stats.flashstake.io page before the competition begins so increases/decreases can easily be measured.

What tokens do you need to perform this campaign?

Flash tokens from within the foundation wallet will be used to perform the “tesla flashstake”

We also want to spend $10,000 on advertising the campaign via CoinGecko and Reddit banner ads. 

This will be split up over the 3 week competition into $3k / $4k / $3k in terms of spending.

These funds should be flashstaked using foundation tokens so as to retain the initial capital for future use. 

How many of these tokens are you needing to perform your campaign?

All marketing materials will be created from within the community so the only perceived spending would be the paid marketing with Coingecko as stated above. 

How many of these tokens will you keep for yourself as compensation for the campaign?


How will the tokens be used? Give a breakdown.

As stated above the required tokens will be used to pay for marketing via websites such as coingecko to supplement marketing via the official channels and places such as Reddit/telegram/Facebook

How long will this campaign last? Please provide expected start and end dates.

The competition is scheduled to last for three weeks with an additional week beforehand to commence promotion and marketing

Details to be released and initial marketing to commence on monday the 26th of April

Competition to commence on monday the 3rd of May

Competition to end on Sunday the 23rd of May

Live reveal of the winner on either 24th/25th of May

Are there any other individuals working on this campaign with you? If so, who are they and what are their roles?

Harry and David are leading the campaign with support from Steve, John, Anthony.

What ETH wallet address will you use to receive the tokens?


Any last thoughts, comments, or questions you have for the Citizens? Share them here. Be as detailed as you would like.