• What happened to the 500$ Flash competition on Twitter? Did anyone win? What happened with that?
  • Did anyone ever claim the Tesla/38k? An address won and then nothing, no comment, just a black hole of lost opportunity to further market.
  • What happened with the 25K marketing that was supposed to happen in May and then lead into a 100K campaign in June? Was it scrapped? If so, why?


  • What is Flash v3? How will it address liquidity? 
  • Why is so much being pursued without fixing or at least bandaging the core liquidity issue?
  • Why are we putting 75K FLASH effectively in the toilet with another Liquidity mining campaign when we know these campaigns aren't helping? Why not use the funds elsewhere?


  • Votes are going up on the snapshot page simultaneously with requests for feedback. Agility is key but don't ask for feedback if it's not going to be addressed/discussed prior to a vote.

There is so much to love here, but my list of unanswered questions is getting too long to keep in. I hope other members of this community have the answers that I don't have.