What is the purpose of your Growth campaign?


The proposal involves the set up of a digital strategy and creation of content for the social networks of Blockzero ecosystem. 

Powered by the development of strategic planning of digital content and presence in social network channels, with monthly analysis reports, insights and suggestions for constant improvement.

We would dedicate a 100% dedicated Digital Marketing Lead and provide him full support in terms of strategy (Full Time dedicated specialist + support of a 4 people Senior Marketing Team).


Main advantages for Blockzero:

- Full Marketing Team focused on Marketing strategies and activities (power of team: more ideas generated / higher efficiency / deeper insights) 

- Always on: continuous support (In case there is a need to change the 100% dedicated specialist, we are able to keep everything running smoothly while we substitute him/her)  

- Scalability (Having a strong network with active partners from different specialities, we are able to increase the size of the team and/or add more dedicated specialists whenever the size/quantity of project would require it)


How will you measure the success of your Growth campaign? Please provide clear, objective metrics.


KPIs will be identified and defined during the diagnosis phase (1st month) and will be analyzed on a monthly basis (monthly reports). 

Metrics should contemplate: engagement, reach, brand health, conversion.


What tokens do you need to perform this campaign?


Compensation to be received in XIO.

For clarification: with regard to workflow, we will bring support to all current tokens XIO, FLASH and AQUA (upon further developments / launch of new tokens, we may need to allocate more resources)


How many of these tokens are you needing to perform your campaign?


Monthly payment for the whole team to be done in XIO and equivalent to 7 500 USD


How many of these tokens will you keep for yourself as compensation for the campaign?


The full compensation would be kept to ourselves as a retribution for our services.


How will the tokens be used? Give a breakdown.


Tokens used as a retribution to the team for the services (monthly salary)


How long will this campaign last? Please provide expected start and end dates.


On-going process, we will bring support to the Blockzero team and community on a monthly basis (consulting).


Are there any other individuals working on this campaign with you? If so, who are they and what are their roles?


We will be a team of 5 people focusing on this project:

- Our marketing consulting agency board (4 people) for monitoring and strategic support

- A 100% dedicated marketing specialist to analyse, set social channels content strategies and bring support to the core team for launches and marketing campaigns


What ETH wallet address will you use to receive the tokens?


We would receive the XIO tokens on 5 different ETH wallets (one for each of the team members). Details would be sent upon approval with breakdown per wallet.


Any last thoughts, comments, or questions you have for the Citizens? Share them here. Be as detailed as you would like.


Please consult the full deck of our proposal at: https://blockzerolabs.io/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/NFOB-BLOCKZERO-compressed.pdf 

and don´t hesitate to request additional information at nfob.consulting@gmail.com