Marketing Idea: KPI Option token based on how many people claim their KPI Option token.

Process: We distribute 1,000,000 "$DROPTIONS" to anyone who has more than X amount of ETH and have used Uniswap before (these are just example parameters but we can set them to whatever we want).

A "Droption" is simply an erc token that is redeemable for XIO tokens at a later date.

They would be distributed through the new  Dropzero dapp. 


What is 1 Droption token equal to? 

Well, it depends on how many people claim their Droption token before September 1st (this date can be changed)

For example: 

If 10% claim, 1 Droption = 0.1 XIO 

If 25% claim 1 Droption = 0.25 XIO 

If 50%... Etc 



1) This will incentivize people to tell other people claim, as it increases the value of their claim. 

2) This drives new traffic to dropzero and shows our dapp building abilities, possibly increasing usage.

3) This drives massive amount of new XIO holders.






1) What parameters would you require for people to be eligible for the Droptions? 

We can get extremely targeted (example: only to users have have more than 1.53 UNI tokens AND who have used Balancer AND who's wallet is 8 months old AND who has moved tokens in the last 19 days.)

Or we can get extremely broad, which allows us to reach a broader audience.


2) How many total tokens would be good for this campaign? I put 1M as a placeholder. The more we put, the more awareness, but also more inflation.


3) How long should people have to claim these tokens?


4) Any general feedback? Would you support this?



                  Please make sure to include your XID