Goal: Increase awareness for Flash and help people flash stake. 

One of the main reasons why people aren't flashstaking are the high gas fees. What if we paid some of it back?

How would it work?

Updated version 25.5.2021:

We have decided to adjust this proposal and combine it in a way with proposal of @Mr.R27 . As they do their "Flashstake an influencer" campaign, we will run this campaign. We will pay back gas fees to users (to a maximum of 100 flash per user)  for the first 300 new wallets that stake 1500flash for at least 30 days. 

Therefor the maximum amount of money used is 30000 flash, but most likely less. 

The goal is to get new people to experience staking.

Who will check the transactions and the gas costs?

@Pedrox XID-1BB6 . He will then deliver the information to Steve  and the council, who will then drop the money to the dropzero app for people to claim. 

Where do we get the money?

The money will be used from the flashstake foundation. 



Original Proposal:

Currently with 100 Gwei it costs approximately 100$ to stake flash. 

I suggest we do a 1 month long program. We use 20 000$ worth of Flash (this would pay for 200 stakes per month) to pay back gas fees. 

Let's say after the whole  month people paid 40 000$ in gas fees total . That was twice the amount of provided flash so each person gets paid back 50% of their gas fees. 

If people paid less than 20 000$ in gas fees each person is entitled to exactly how much they paid in gas fees and the leftover flash will just stay in the foundation. 

Users can then claim their flash back in the dropzero app after the month expires. This will increase awarness for AQUA and XIo as they will see these tokens there as well (even though they won't earn them). 

I would also highly suggest we create a small button on the flashastsake app informing people that we pay back gas and linking to a medium article we can create explaining how it works. Just like balancer did. It really helps to remind  people. 

We can use either Flash or XIO to pay for the rewards. 

Note we can of course change the amount or length of the campaign but I truly believe this would help immensely. We could also subsidize fees for LPs as well but I think its the most important for flashstakers.