What is the title of the Core role you're looking to create? 

Project manager

What is the primary goal of your position? What are you looking to achieve? 

I'll take over some of the projects which need management or need a owner. 

Could be recruitment, project owner of Flashstake or another project in need of management.

How will your role be measured? What are the KPI's of your position? 

I'll take responsibility for the projects and make sure they are completed and delivered as proposed in the first place.

I would like to know the success criteria before starting each project and based on the criteria make KPI for each project.

How many XIO (valued in USD) are you expecting to receive on a bi-monthly basis 

I'm not sure, depends on the number of projects and how time consuming they are.  I can put in hours on a weekly basis at 10-20 hours give and take.

Please share your start and end dates below. Shorter time frames are more likely to be accepted, as you can always resubmit your same role at a later date. 

I can start when needed.

What ETH wallet address will you use to receive the tokens?


Any last thoughts, comments, or questions you have for the Citizens? Share them here. Be as detailed as you would like.

My background is in IT, I havde been running an IT infrastructure company the last 5 years where I have been focused on growth, recruitment, project management and leadership in general.

I have 30 employees today and 400 customers, we deliver IT operations and support for 10.000 IT users everyday.

I have been in every seat of the company and have a very humble approach to each area.

I love the crypto space and especially BlockZero and the community 😃👍🙏

I have been learning about crypto the last 3 years have been invested in XIO since November 2020.

Hope you will have me 

Project Managament - Flashstake ⚡🚀

This is what I think the project will look like from my perspective. But always remember I am open to suggestions and feedback so the project will be as strong as possible.

In my opinion the strongest argument must win if the cost is realistic.

  1. Who is the team
  2. What is the product
  3. Define product success
  4. What is the budget

Project Management



  • Project owner
    • Who is it? (Is it the community?)
  • Development
    • Resources
  • Web design/Graphics
    • Resources
  • Marketing/Growth
    • Resources
  • Support
    • Resources
  • Customer engagement
    • Resources


  • Development
    • L2 Optimism / Other solultion?
  • Marketing/Growth
    • Content
    • SMS/newsletter
    • SEO/Link building
    • Platform
      • Twitter
      • Reddit
      • YouTube
        • Influencer marketing
        • Flashstake content
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Google Ads
  • Support
    • Chat/Telegram
    • Mail
  • Customer engagement
    • Building community
    • First time experience
    • “Customer” Lifetime
    • “Customer” Retention
    • “Customer” Vs. community

Definition of Project Success Criteria 

  • KPI
  • Milestones


  • Project management
  • Development
  • Web design/Graphics
  • Marketing/Growth
  • Support
  • “Customer” engagement

This is what I think we need to figure out to get this rolling...

Best Regards

Thomas Pedersen - XID-AAA2E