Why is there a need for more exchange listings? 

Currently Flash is only listed on Uniswap, which is currently not an accessible exchange to acquire tokens. It is not accessible to many users as those who want to buy Flash are currently faced with extremely high gas fees. If Flash were listed on a centralised exchange, it would give a chance to users with less capital to acquire it and participate in the Flashstake ecosystem.

It would also help increase the trading volume of Flash, which would indicate that the project is in good health to new users looking to invest or projects looking for partners. Being able to trade Flash in multiple exchanges would also reduce the price volatility as the impact of buys and sells would be spread out throughout the different markets. 

Why is Gate.io being proposed as the exchange? 

The main advantage of Gate.io is that it does not charge a listing fee as it gives an opportunity to new projects and tokens with smaller market caps. Another reason is that it has a high trust score on coingecko and a high exchange score on coinmarketcap. This indicates that the volume reported by the exchange is accurate and that it has high user traffic. This also means that it will appear as an exchange on the market section of coingecko / coinmarketcap for people looking to buy Flash. 

How can they apply for listing?
They can go to this link here https://www.gate.io/listing , choose the Project team application and fill out the required information.