Hi everyone.

I am the founder of Rising Coin project. We are quite close to setting a launch date and we want to cooperate with BlockZero community via Flashstake by making a UFO.

To explain Rising Coin in a TLDR way: By introducing a continuous upward pushing game theory, RC targets to decorrelate from Bitcoin's 4-year boom-bust cycles which effect the whole crypto industry in a negative way. RC has a production cost similar to a commodity, but the production cost is placed on the top of the market rather than the bottom of it and it is controlled by the community through a smart contract we name "Adjuster". Production cost is not stable, it increases 1% per day which equals 37x per year and about 1400x per 2 years. This setup introduces a controlled but ever-continuous price push to the upside while it removes unwanted price bubbles which tend to burst and cause long term bear markets. If we succeed, we might introduce the world to a new asset type.

Rising Coin's distribution will be as unusual as its game theory. It is not possible to mint a few hundred million coins and distribute them like most defi projects. RC stock has to start with zero coins and can increase only if there is demand in the market. As a result, we will have a highly fair distribution.

For those of you who would like to read more, please visit our website and take a look at our white paper.

As an organization we are composed of only developers. A cooperation with BlockZero might cover our obvious shortcomings on marketing and community building and push us forward.

Coming back to UFO, Flashstake has its own liquidity pool which causes a complexity related to RC's operation. As RC price is being controlled on the upper side, an arbitrage mechanism is needed so that price of RC doesn't go above its daily production cost on Flashstake pool as well. This means that we will need to develop a smart contract which will run between Uniswap and Flashstake. Before committing our limited resources to this task, I wanted to hear the opinion of BlockZero community.

How does Rising Coin project sound to you?

In your opinion is it worth investing into?

Would you stake your FLASH tokens to support Rising Coin?

What parts of RC could be improved?

Thanks in advance for your comments and insights.