One idea that @jorn and I were talking about this week, only brainstorming, is based on the fact that the XLP program has been doing a good job encouraging liquidity for XIO/ETH. Why not a Flash “FLP” program using a portion of the FPY matching to be able to fund a long term FLP program that pays the LPs with Flash on a regular monthly basis?  

Maybe it operates more simply than XLP, the more traditional way, of staking your LP tokens to earn block by block the monthly funded rewards.

Maybe we just deposit some FLASH tokens at random intervals into the LP pools (which means all LPs automatically instantly own them, based on how LP tokens work vs withdrawing tokens from the pool).

Maybe we mimic the XLP program and have multipliers and durations and make that FLASH earned claimable on the 20th of the month every month?

There's lots of different ways to do it.

1) Should we do a permanent long term LP rewards program? 
2) If so, how would you prefer it to work? 
3) What percentage of the monthly FPY generated should be allocated to this FLP program? For example if the current FPY matching is 15%, and we use 20% of it (3% out of the 15% of the FPY), then 3% of all FPY will go to the LPs as rewards
4) Which pools should be rewarded? UniV2 only? Flash protocol only?  FLASH/ETH only or all pools?

Also note that the FPY matching is the only way that the XIO Foundation receives any Flash for any possible future use cases (such as growth or development), for example: UFOs liquidity matching, Flashstaking a Tesla campaign, Flash Liquidity incentives, paying for the redesign of the website to someone who wants to be paid with Flash tokens, or other future proposals people may create.  So if we did an FLP program, it would need to be with a reasonable amount of the FPY matching to be allocated, too much would drain away funds from other possible marketing and growth.