Problem: Crypto market crashes will keep on happening. The fast pace and high fluctuations may scare away potential or long-term investors. 

Solution: Provide an APY % booster for Vortex staking with a minimum period of 45 days. & Transform Market Crashes into a good thing. Hunt the dips for extra BZ rewards.

Trigger: Last 48hours average drop is more than 20% for the top 10 coins. 

Time frame: up to 12h after the trigger point has been reached.

Budget: Depends on % booster, staked token(s), BZ marketing budget.

Marketing strategy: XIO = Your crypto friend "for better or worse" (promote xio or BZ as your friend during difficult times in the crypto world)

Side effects & benefits: While earning some sweet passive income, users can also benefit emotionally > since they don't have to stress about the market fluctuations for the stake period duration. In that time users may eventually study more about crypto market and better manage expectations and emotions. It also increases the traffic and awareness of the vortex / xio / bz.