This is the thread to share your questions, concerns, observations, or overall thoughts on the most recent Zynthetic vs. Wormhole article:

Important overview of the discussion

  1. We have identified two possible paths forward for the Flashstake protocol which will be identified as Zynethetic + Wormhole
  2. The reason for presenting these paths is to explore opportunities & adapt to many of the obstacles of the current Flashstaking protocol
  3. As a permissionless and unchangeable protocol, regardless of the direction the community supports, Flashstake will always exist in its current technical form as long as the Ethereum blockchain is alive
  4. The goal of this article is to empower an open & transparent discussion on the possible futures of Flashstake and which paths we would like to pursue
  5. To open the discussion, it is encouraged to respond with any questions, concerns, observations, or overall thoughts on this post.
  6. A livestream AMA/Review will then be held on Monday, May 10th at 6 pm UTC to review this article and respond to the questions.