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Zachary Dashcore
Creator of Blockzero Labs
Asked a question 4 months ago

What is something you're deeply passionate about?

Where am I?

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A passionate Citizen - XID-14DCf

Certainly crypto take the first place. For the past 3-4 years at least, my daily life has been revolving around crypto. I just love being involved in the space, being an early adopter and investor in probably the biggest technological breakthrough of the century, and following all the developments. The whole idea of DeFi and decentralization are simply fascinating. I also love helping and educating people, not only about crypto, but generally about finances and anything regarding financial education as well. 

Apart from these, I am also passionate about astronomy and the universe, learning and understanding about it and the world around us.

Blockzero Internal Lead Dev

Outside of the crypto world: Fruit trees, chickens, and growing your own veggies! All animals should be raised on grass, not concrete. Permaculture happens to be a solution to carbon sequestration as well as improving soil to be able to grow more food indefinitely, in other words, it can solve global warming if it were done on a large scale and solves the loss of top soil. 

John Velascocore
Operations + Finance + Strategy

I love travelling. Especially to places with a lot of history and breathtaking scenery. Been to 23 countries so far which is nowhere near enough. Covid needs to go away already, there's so much more to see!

I really want to prolong my lifespan and I am passionate about that kind of research. I found an article a while back about blockchain transactions mimicing neural patterns in the part of our brains that stores memories. I got super excited ^^ Hopefully we can upload ourselfes digitally or make brain transplants and stem cell injections happen before it is my time. 

I'd like to be able to concentrate on whatever I want to do - for example travelling or picking up and dedicating time to projects I find interesting.

Travelling via the digital nomad visa sounds amazing!

To be able to do what i love and get paid, while having my money work for me.

Cars, women and traveling. I'm a simple guy. 

Kristaps Bormanis
Your future self is watching you right now!

For me its!
Your future self is watching you right now!
So if I want to achieve something I have to do it today! And that basicly means there is no past and no future only the eternal now! And for that is your mindset! You can achieve everything if u can manipulate your mind (decipline it)! And basicaly anything is possible!
But its really hard but managing that there is no obstacles just experience!

People perish because of a lack of knowledge.

  1. Education on healthcare for all, especially in communities where there is no access to a doctor.
  2. Education on finances, saving and preserving income especially in the unbanked of this world that now has the potential to buy online and invest for the first time.


To evolve. Evolving with different meanings in different things. You can always be a little better at everything even if this is your behavior, knowledge, workouts or even a better partner for your other half :). Everything counts in.

Maths, nature and crypto ^^