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Zachary Dashcore
Creator of Blockzero Labs
Asked a question 2 months ago

Who wants to earn some XIO tokens by testing our new virtual currency (Blockzero Credits) system? Reply to this by answering how you heard about Blockzero Labs. Top answer will receive 1000 Blockzero Credits. Four other answers will receive 250 Blockzero Credits.

This question has a reward worth 1,000 Blockzero Credit from Zachary Dash and is in decision making phase!

Where am I?

In Blockzero Labs you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

A passionate Citizen - XID-14DCf

In January I decided to expand my portfolio after a long time and I started researching about undervalued and low cap crypto projects. As I was searching on reddit in different subreddits, I saw a post about Flashstake going live and the concept seemed amazing, so I started researching and learning about Flashstake and that's how I learned about Blockzero. It was love at first sight.

I'm from the future. Blockzero is everywhere in year 2100 and the entire world is made of citizens. So, I flashstaked a time machine and came back to year 2021 to be part of the beginning of Blockzero. And here I am.


Zachary Dashcore
Creator of Blockzero Labs

Heard about Blockzero from the heavens of Satoshi's past.

Heard about Blockzero Labs from Panos Mekras. I have to say just starting my crypto journey all alone was one of the best decisions of my life leading to Panos Mekras' group and learning about new projects. I may have not any background in the finance field but i put my best at learning new things every day or every week whenever i can, as i am a student and don't have plenty of time.

Luckily, i ended up to a beautiful community like Blockzero Labs, in which i can also provide help in any way that I can even if it is helping out people with basic things. Giving out and helping people is a blessing and this community encourages you to.

I have found my field in the Support group and i will be happy to help a lot of people who are new to the crypto space with the small little things. I will try to predict the most common questions that a new member will have about us and have them answered right in the group.

Thank you for giving your members the chance to embrace their skills, whatever these are.

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became a xio owner and how I became aware

On Subreddits born and raised
On Youtube is where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And buying Ethereum straight out of the meme pool
When a couple of hodlers, who we're up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
I bought one little shit coin and my mom got scared
And said, you're moving all your tokens over there

I begged and pleaded with her day after day
But she packed my ledger and sent me on my way
She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket
I put my walkman on and said, I might as well kick it
First class, yo this is bad
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass
Is this what the people of blockzero labs are livin' like?
Hmm, this might be alright
I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said Flash, and had a dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought, nah, forget it, yo holmes Flash me there

I pulled up to the site about seven or eight
And I yelled to the driver yo, holmes smell you later
Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the Flash price of despair 


Paulo Martinez • xid-a4b96
Innovation • Business Design • Digital Marketing • Strategic Design • Change Making

Hey @Zachary Dash5, just testing the platform 😉4 

I've heard about Blockzero Labs from @Pedrox10 (aka Saint Peter) my friend and mentor in the crypto world. Probably not the top answer but taking advantage of the space to give him the proper credit.

I heard about Blockzero Labs through a trusted friend, and then I found other brothers here. Thank you Pedrox! New Friends On the Block.

Heard about blockzero labs from a very informative  Facebook group called altcoin holders and from a great patreon group headed by @Panos Mekras11 . Became a citizen recently, and have been following ever since!

I heard about XIO (was supposed to be Flash back then) from Denome and Ivan on Tech (don't remember which one was first) . Then I heard  about Blockzero from Dash, when we did the rebranding :) 

Well I must admit that during my time with Crypto in the past 4 1/2 year I only knew about XRP and a few other tokens. While scrolling through Facebook I happen to come across the Facebook page that @Panos Mekras5 was running. I followed for a short while thinking that this was just some person like everyone else trying to push through tokens like they do for airdrops. I started reading through his posts and realised that this guy actually knew what he was talking about. I the followed him on Twitter and realised a friend I knew (heavily involved in crypto) also followed him. I spoke to this friend and informed me that Panos was one of very few that knew what he was talking about. After hearing Panos talk about Blockzero, I started looking into it But never really invested Until I joined his Patreon. Spoke to him personally and the rest is history. I’m the proud citizen of blockzero and a holder of XIO 

Panos via facebook group

i know it wont be an original answer but credit due where it’s due and it’s how I heard about it. I wish it was a “Meant to be story”.

I heard about Blockzero Labs from @Panos Mekras5 Panos Mekras and I checked out your website to get more info. This is one of a kind! 

Long story short...

Shitcoins were after me, hunting me...

I was running for my life...

It was dark...

I couldn't see anything, I was screaming for help...

Suddenly the sky opened and a man came down from the sky surrounded by light...

So, I run towards him as fast as I could...

The man from the sky was @Panos Mekras6...

Ηe was so serene so calm...

Help me please shitcoins are trying to kill me, I said to him...

He grabbed me from my left shoulder and told me, don't be afraid I'm here to help you...

He took me to the sky and he talked to me about Blockzero...

Since then I have become a Citizen for life...

I initially learned about Blockzero Labs via a facebook group called Altcoin holders headed by @Panos Mekras9. He was excited about the project and what you guys were doing so I decided to research more. I looked into flashstake and I thought it was a great concept to earn interest from staking upfront. After researching more about Blockzero labs and the projects you are building as well as the community, I decided it was time to become a citizen and invest in XIO. 

I have been around since someone posted on Reddit that he was playing with a  deflationary token that would burn 10% of every transaction. I received some of these Bomb Tokens, and from that moment I followed all the new initiatives and tokens that would come after that. Every token was more and more professional included learnings from the previous endeavors. So, I have been here for a while now, but I will stay here even longer.