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Flash liquidity

Update: 7.6: The liquidity is now only 5,6ETH +5,6eth worth of flash.

I would like to suggest we do the permanent liquidity at least temporarily. I know it was previously denied but something must be done.

Update 30.5: The total... (More)

Flashstake Dapp - an alternative Flash/ETH LP boosting incentive


An alternative to Flash liquidity mining program. Allow people to pair their ETH collateral with FLASH (that they don't own), to buy it only using locked time.

Problems of flashstake at present:

At the moment large holders of FLASH... (More)

Blockzero Internal Lead Dev

Should we do a "FLP" program? If so, how should it work?

One idea that @jorn and I were talking about this week, only brainstorming, is based on the fact that the XLP program has been doing a good job encouraging liquidity for XIO/ETH. Why not a Flash “FLP” program using a... (More)

[Marketing] Subsidize gas fees for Flashstaking

Goal: Increase awareness for Flash and help people flash stake.

One of the main reasons why people aren't flashstaking are the high gas fees. What if we paid some of it back?

How would it work?

Updated version 25.5.2021:... (More)