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General Proposal
General Proposal

General Proposals are general suggestions on how to improve the Blockzero Labs ecosystem. Examples of this could be changing a project logo or upgrading the tokenomics of a protocol.

Looking to make a General Proposal? The floor is yours. Create a discussion below.

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[Marketing] Subsidize gas fees for Flashstaking

Goal: Increase awareness for Flash and help people flash stake.

One of the main reasons why people aren't flashstaking are the high gas fees. What if we paid some of it back?

Currently with 100 Gwei it costs approximately... (More)

Proposal: Let's use Flash foundation funds to create permanent liquidity on Uniswap.

Why? At the moment there is 53 ETH and 228000flash in the Uniswap liquidity pool. Big part of it (50eth) is provided by volunteer team of core citizens. They have just made proposal/discussion where they would like to get access... (More)

Proposal: A member of the Project team to apply for the listing of Flash on

Why is there a need for more exchange listings?

Currently Flash is only listed on Uniswap, which is currently not an accessible exchange to acquire tokens. It is not accessible to many users as those who want to buy Flash... (More)

PROPOSAL: Add an incentive for community votes, Balancer style

In the balancer ecosystem, everytime a user vote on a proposal (on the platform, so using the weight of their holdings) they get a 1.1x multiplier on their liqudity mining rewards.

Maybe a 10% increase is too much, but... (More)