Swag stores for Blockzero and Accelerated Projects


What is the purpose of your Growth campaign?

Offer fans to purchase Swag of their favorite projects.

The idea was formerly introduced in the forum: https://forum.blockzerolabs.io/t/marketing-ideas-blockzero-always-need-your-help/984/41

As well as Zach early on https://t.me/blockzerolabs/55554

How will you measure the success of your Growth campaign? Please provide clear, objective metrics.

The initiatives success should be measured in:

Profitability and number of orders

and feedback from accelerated projects and customers.


What tokens do you need to perform this campaign?

Hoping that any ERC20 token can be used as means of payment


How many of these tokens are you needing to perform your campaign?

Cost per month

Spreadshirt store 0 USD

Shopify Business 79 USD

Which should has some crypto payment gateways that maybe work (?)

Wordpress business to integrate Spreadshirt API 25 EUR (I believe BZ already owns a license)


How many of these tokens will you keep for yourself as compensation for the campaign?

Tokens valued at 100 USD for setting up a store, perhaps a small % of the profit if this ever becomes profitable.


How will the tokens be used? Give a breakdown.

Paying for the licenses and a small compensation for the work.

If profit is realized it should go to the Vortex.


How long will this campaign last? Please provide expected start and end dates.

Ongoing. Starting in May?



Are there any other individuals working on this campaign with you? If so, who are they and what are their roles?

At the moment no one, but I would probably need some help with the payment gateway set-up.



What ETH wallet address will you use to receive the tokens?

Some core member's and my own for compensation?


Any last thoughts, comments, or questions you have for the Citizens? Share them here. Be as detailed as you would like.

I don't consider having a swag store is crucial for a project's success, but it is nice to have to make the experience more tangible in the real world. Some nice benefit that can help any project to grow. Therefore, I would like to offer accelerated projects this as a service where we provide standard guidelines, request their logo and set up a store for them.

I am happy to transfer the domain blockzero.world to the core team to place all spreadshirt stores under this domain, e.g. :





I probably need some help with setting up the payment and the store.

Wordpress API integration I should be able to take care of.

Also happy to compile guidelines, a one sheet, to specify to accelerated projects what info is needed to set up the spreadshirt standard shop.

I doubt that this will be a profitable activity, but it could be appreciated.

Let me know if you have any questions.