Hi All

I wanted to throw an idea around and look for initial feedback, before setting up a formal proposal.

Trading Memories
Did you ever collect physical Football, Baseball etc trading cards/stickers? 

If so what did you do if you had spares? What if you had rare spares? You would probably trade them off with other people, right? Either on a one-to-one basis or if it was a rare card/sticker, you may even trade one to three, one to five and so on. 

What if it was not only possible to do this with NFT’s via an escrow smart contract system, but to also transfer them across a multitude of chains and platforms? 


I can imagine that once this bull cycle ends and there is a lot less spare cash in the market and you would also imagine that NFT purchases will slow down as a whole....but there will still be a market for trading.

Imagine if you will a marketplace for NFT’s, where you can store your inventory and barter with them.. do you think this would be a viable project to launch? 

Pull the same NBA Top Shot, no problem put it in on my trade pile, someone comes along and offers a trade for one I don't have.

Want a full overview of your NFT collection in one place or to show off to others, link them to your binder.


Next Steps

I've already spoken with devs, designers & project managers to go through specifics, but I don't want to live in an echo chamber and would love more feedback....Any input would be hugely appreciated.

My background is predominantly Marketing, Marketplaces & Operations

Lots of love