My idea is to have a 2-round competition, where community members create content (videos, telegram posts etc.), similar we did for UMA, but with a marketing tweak:-).

There would be 2 rounds 

  1. Round - creating content about blockzero

There would be 3 categories:

  1. Introduce and explain Blockzero community and projects to someone completely new
  2. Introduce XIO/Flashstake/AQUA token and explain how it works 
  3. mystery box - do any video about Blockzero, the tokens or why you like to be a citizen

1. Round winners- citizens vote, the videos, that got most votes, will win a prize

This way we have established which content we like the most as community.

The core would preferably create an intro video as well, so to have a one more official video 

(Zach did one on UMA when the competition started)

        2. Round - spread the new content and invite new people

Anyone who wants to win this round, would post the winning videos and/or Zachs official video on facebook, twitter, your youtube channel, etc. there would be a timeframe of 1 o 2 weeks. 

At the end of this time period, the participant takes a screenshot of the post, the webpage link and posts it in the competition group. The posts with most likes win.

This way the participants in the competition will spread the word about blockzero and invite new people, with either fun content, that citizens created, or the official video by blockero team.

That is how we could have a fun competition for our community ( we are an extremely engaged and creative community) and also invite new people, show them who we are and what blockzero is about.